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Off go the pants!


Just a short update here on the ACE weightloss.  I did not weigh this week because I knew I wouldn’t be happy.  Damn female hormones to hell!  Last week I was down at least 10, however, I didn’t have a scale a few weeks back that worked correctly so it could be more.

This morning I got out of bed and my pants almost fell off!  Woot! 😀

To help things move along faster, I’m starting back at the gym today, too!  Have to get things moving….date nights are almost here! 😉


I don’t know where to start.


I’ve started on this journey of hopefully making a little extra money by joining the Saba team and it’s pretty overwhelming.  I mean, I’m decent at social networking and the internet. I have over 1,200 Twitter followers, maybe I could help even just 10 get healthy.  I could only hope!

It’s hard to try and sell something that there are hundreds on the market.  I hadn’t realized this.  It’s not impossible, obviously, but it’s hard.  I hope the before and after pictures speak for themselves and people trust that it WORKS.

I have five kids I’m trying to support on my own AND be able to stay home with the youngest 2.  I have high hopes and I have faith in myself 🙂  Spread the word everybody, do me a favor!

If you’re interested in going on this journey with me, having unlimited energy, weight loss…the whole sha-bang!  Head on over to this site and just fill out the information so I can send YOU information!