I got a HOOP!


I fell victim to the media 2 weeks ago when I saw the pictures of Kelly Osbourne’s sexy hot body on TV.  She claims that she got that way, or at least is maintaining it, by HOOPING!  As in, hula hoop! The things my kids use in the backyard!

So off to the internet I went and what better place for reviews than Amazon?  I googled until my fingers got the workout of THEIR lives.  That was it, I was getting a hula hoop for adults.

Let me just tell you this: that thing almost murdered me the first time I used it. Seriously people. I couldn’t move the next day but I obviously had to (kids and all that shit).  By the end of the day the soreness was minimal, though.

For the record, it’s not just a stomach workout. EVERY SINGLE INCH OF MY BODY ached!!! 

I’ll end this with the link to the one I got (very satisfied with it, my Amazon review even says so ;).

The directions state not to “over use” in the beginning and please don’t. You will bruise. This is a round weight that is spinning around your midsection. It will hurt if you don’t follow the directions. I am actually signing off my posting frenzy to go use it for hopefully 4 minutes without dropping it.

I have a wedding to prepare for, after all 😉


^^That’s my hoop!


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