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Smelly, old man dresser makeover


Smelly, old man dresser makeover

I recently went to an estate “give away” (not a sale. This old man was going into a nursing home and giving away a lifetime of furniture) and discovered my love of “upcycling” old things.


New Life, new outlook.


I have this dork of a best friend that I kind of hate with a passion. He’s everything I need in a friend and has been by my side for 4 years pretty much. I don’t know why he hasn’t gone away when most people have. He hasn’t done anything to piss me off or annoy me too bad, except NOT go away. 😉  I love him. ❤  Friggen asshole he is.

So onto the new outlook part: I have been reading a lot about this Paleo craze. I know it’s nothing new and isn’t really a “fad” diet, but more of a healthy lifestyle the way our bodies were meant to live.  I have been slowly converting to it without even realizing it and now that I know of this way of eating/living (since about December this past year) I’ve been doing so even more. 

The ‘Paleo Plate’ should be 1/2-2/3 vegetables (I like the idea of mixing steamed with raw as I can’t stand too many raw at once), then about a palm size amount of meat that would have been available to “hunt/gather” (beef, other wild game, seafood, etc), another palm size amount of fruit, and lastly, an ounce or so of a fat (avocado, nuts, etc). With that plate you should have a lot of water or tea.  That is my understanding of the “diet”, anyway.

You also don’t count calories or carbs. You eat when you’re hungry as long as it fits the plate/plan. You’re allowed to graze all day or eat 3 normal meals. Do as your body wants. Seems…..natural?

Anywho, with this Michigan weather going from 70 one day, to 35 and hail the next, the walking and MOVING outside part of this lifestyle is hard to accomplish thus far.  I have 2 toddlers under 3, so getting them outside fast enough to make it worth the trouble can be complicated.  I start back at the gym Monday, though 🙂

So that’s that.  A quick update on what life is at the moment. WARM thoughts for everyone ❤