Did you know?


There is a song strictly about how amazing beer is. It’s just called “Beer”. You guys should check it out. It’s really very well written.

Anyway. I recently heard the phrase “He’s got a good heart”.  As in = He’s an asshole, cheater, waste of space….BUT he’s got a good heart.

This has got me thinking. Is that even possible? Sure, his heart is probably “good”…healthy, pumping, keeping him alive. But… in terms of he having a good soul, or good intentions, I really don’t think so.

This man spent 3 years cheating. Hooking up with people on the internet. At any given time he was chatting up at least 3 whores from Plenty of Fish, myspace, Adult Friend Finder…you know, the places the whores go…then he’d add them to the chat box of all things whore-ish, Kik.  He ruined every holiday, birthday, special occasion. He spent every dollar on himself or alcohol with promises that the following day we’d “do anything you want” (but it has to be free, of course, because he was broke). He got wasted on his daughter’s 2nd birthday and caused a huge scene. He’s put his hands on me…..once grabbing my face 5 days before Christmas and telling me that he will leave (per my 625th request in 2 years) but he swore to God – if I ever “got with R****** or R**, or any of those faggots” he’d make my life Hell. (those guys happen to be my best friends)  He didn’t leave, by the way.

That’s just a glimpse of the man I speak of.

That kind of person…do you think has a “good heart”?  I’m sick to death of having actions, of anybody, being justified by them being a good person, just making mistakes. When your mistakes are constant and your “goodness” very very rare, you do NOT have a “good heart”.  You are a bad person. 

I just can’t see any other way to put it.  YOU are a bad person. 

Any thoughts?


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